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Second pair of hands

Second pair of hands

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Cann River


Hello and Thankyou for taking the time to read this.
My name is Darryl and my wife is Jen.
We are beef farmers and we are rebuilding an old farm to be self-sustainable ie to grow all our own food. Veg & fruit, chocks, ducks, sheep, cattle etc.
As we all have, I have a list as long as my arm of things I need to get done. I all so have that other list "The one day I will get that done" list.
I simply require someone to work with me as my second pair of hands.
Last year I come off the motorbike while moving the cows. (rode down an old wombat whole which was hidden in the grass over the bars I went, let's just say it did not end well. Still have some back issues today)
Now my beautiful wife is normally my second pair of hands but due to the fact that we have just had the birth of our baby girl, her hands are kind of busy.
So in between renovating the house,
preparing this winters firewood ( we do have a hydraulic splitter),
Building the new glass house, A few small concreting jobs, Building a cool room, new pig pens, new chock sheds and pens, veggie garden work
fencing and the list goes on, but I think you would get the idea.
My wife has told me to swallow my pride and ask for help. I would never ask anyone to do anything that I would not do myself. If we were shoveling poo I would be right there with you. ( don't worry there is no poo to shovel)
We will provide meals, and there is a spare room but the house is being renovated and there is a new baby in the house, there is plenty of room for a van or motorhome.
Police check and reference required