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About Us

Rural Aid’s Farm Army initiative is a job posting platform, where farmers post jobs they need help with, and workers and volunteers seek jobs.

Rural Aid knows it can be hard to find skilled people, who are willing to travel, to work in rural areas. Many grey nomads, holiday makers, tradies and backpackers who do want to lend a hand express frustration at not knowing where to direct their skills.

Since the Farm Army was created, thousands of volunteers have been able to find meaningful work on Aussie farms. Volunteers have provided invaluable support to farmers and rural communities affected by drought, fire and flood.

If you are a farmer that needs assistance, you can list a job with us. This will be shared online and with our subscribers in weekly newsletters.

If you have skills and are interested in offering your time, a bit of sweat and are keen to meet some great rural people, check out our available jobs.