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Volunteers needed on Lockyer Valley farm

Contra ( Bed & Meals for Labour)

Farm Hands / Labourer

Start Date: 16/07/22

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We are looking for volunteers to help on our farm. We can offer meals and lovely areas to set up camp. After the damage from 3 floods we are still peddling hard to clean up and save the crop we have left. We are a small farming family in the Lockyer Valley 30 min from Toowoomba. We can offer meals and nice areas to camp. Outside septic and laundry and shared bathroom in the house.
We need help with general farm work including tractor driving, help with the harvesting, cutting firewood, feeding cattle, fencing, repairing anything that breaks including pipes and leaks, mowing, help with house work. The list is open.
Not everyone can do everything but any help would be greatly appreciated especially the next few weeks while we are trying to get off what's left of our crop.
Happy to hear from you if you are interested.