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Food for flood affected people - pickers and distributors


Fruit Picking

Start Date: 20/06/22

End Date:31/07/22

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New South Wales


Small scale family farm, growing chemical free mandarins in MORORO northern rivers, just north of Yamba

We are struggling to get the fruit off the trees and distribute, we would like to give all the fruit to flood affected people throughout the northern rivers

150 trees in a idyllic setting, a large flat area perfect for your caravan or camping. Portaloo and bbq on site.

There is about 5 tonne of fruit on the trees, we hope oz harvest can do the distribution but this may fall to us if they can’t deliver.

We would hope we could find people to manage this process end to end. We have another small scale regenerative egg, cattle and produce farm. We are dealing with flood recover and don’t have the capacity to manage the orchid this season. Here is a video of our other farm https://youtu.be/d2s9imX1wZI

We expect the season to go for another month plus. The orchid is in fair condition post flood. It has been brushcut so accessible and the ground has dried up

Whatever help we can get will be appreciated, it can be a small or large job for a few or many people depending on your capacity