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Unique opportunity to help out at llama farm!

Contra ( Bed & Meals for Labour)

Farm Hands / Labourer

Start Date: 13/05/22

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New South Wales

We have a unique experience on offer where you can learn more about llamas at our farm!
We breed stud llamas, where our matings are done with the female loose in the pen and the male on a lead. Llamas are around 200kgs, so we need someone strong with some livestock experience. We will teach you what llama body language means. We record every mating.
14 days after mating, we “spit the females off” (this is to check if they are pregnant). If pregnant the females are pregnant, they will run away &/or spit at the male.
Gestation is 11.5 months so it is now urgent to get the females mated so that they birth before 2023 winter.

As well as the breeding of the llamas, you will get to meet our lovely llamas and there is lots of time to cuddle, photograph and give them treats.

We have a caravan available to accommodate you if required.