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Chaser Bin Driver

Casual - Paid

Farm Hands / Labourer

Start Date: 04/11/21

End Date:28/11/21

Location :


I am looking for a reliable person who can drive a medium sized tractor towing a bin. This is referred to as a 'chaser bin' to the combine harvesters as they harvest the crop. The chaser bin collects the grain from the harvester and takes it back to a bigger bin in the paddock called the 'mother bin'. Trucks are filled from this and other field bins. I am harvesting wheat, barley and lupins. The chaser bin keeps taking the grain from the harvesters and ferrying it to the bins.
You would be shown how to do it. Accommodation is available. It could be a shared cottage with a header driver or a motel style room and I would provide meals to heat up in the microwave and provide a packed lunch. The hours could be long - 7am to 10 or 11pm depending on the weather. You would be able to have breaks for meals.