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One Beautiful Farm Sanctuary To Caretake

One Beautiful Farm Sanctuary To Caretake

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Caretaking / Farm Sitting

Start Date: 01/02/23

End Date:31/12/23

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Our farm is often looking for one or a couple to help out. We have a reasonably large beef cattle property comprising 5 parcels of land close by that need to be monitored with 160 head herd with calves at foot to be watched, and another 100 yearlings to be moved using rotational grazing (similar to dairy) with electric fencing daily or every other day. Some irrigation work with pivot and lateral sprays if needed leading out of summer. Not terribly hard work, with 2-3 hours most days to just check things.
I plan to travel a little bit this year so those who really excel and enjoy it,( because lets face it it has to be a win win for everyone) will be asked to manage for different times in the future. When I am on farm, and if you are willing, some fencing, and building jobs working with me would be wonderful for a day or two a week. Happy to pay or contra if you want to do more work than that. Plenty of room for a caravan with power and even town water as it runs through the property. Otherwise we will have a room available in a house on the property with all facilities, internet, etc...... for short term stay with other workers operating next door in the near future. So this would suit Grey nomads, or backpacker/travelers wanting to have a relaxing stay with low intensity work.
What do you need to work on our farm?
We prefer those with farming experience while we are away but not necessarily essential if you have similar talents willing to put in 2 - 5 hours a day depending on the needs at the time (we are flexible as long as the cattle are attended to). For the gardeners we have a massive homestead garden that needs attending to keep at top shape. An hour or two a day would be very welcome if this is your thing.
For those with machinery in mind, we have a telehandler, tractors and quad bike to utilise for the workings on the farm. Maintenance is always welcome and a crane ticket is an advantage for the telehandler but not critical. An old grey Fergie tractor awaits restoration for those keen!
If you want to do some extra paid work we can organise this via contra and/or some payment on negotiation while you are here. Fencing is the most prominent paid work needed, some earth moving, and building projects of sheds, house maintenance, etc….
As you can see there are lots of jobs for all skill sets. So don’t feel we can’t find a job for you if you would like to stay for a few weeks to a few months.
In regards to vaccination status, this is your business, we ask you respect everyone's space and be sensible is the only thing, if your feeling unwell say and keep some distance, chill out on the farm somewhere, ground and heal.
What can you do on the farm in relax mode?
We border the Mitchell river with the farm so there are about 1.5 km of secluded banks to sit or swim from if you want to just stay put. Even take your caravan/camper to the banks of the river if it is an off roader and you are self contained.
For those wanting pure relaxation, meditation, and soul grounding. I can personally show you some tremendous places on the farm to go within. Pure solace is something that many take for granted. Use our pyramid to draw in Quantum/etheric energy, go to the top of our crystal hill and feel the energies. There is so much to be thankful for when you can release in these spaces. Alternatively sit amongst the cows and feel their energy surround you as their curious nature brings them in closer and closer until they relax around you.
Alternatively if you want to chill with a beer on the river bank and try for some bass then that’s a great way to unwind, or soak up the sun rays as it drops below the horizon on the crystal hill or rolling flood plains. A personal favourite of a campfire and a few drinks with the stars is a great way to unwind when you have so much space and privacy.
A walk each morning from one end of the farm where you will stay to the other and back is a leisurely 2.5-3kms so maybe that is your morning start, walk the lanes and check the fences and cows while your at it please 🙂 ticks a job while your relaxing.
Want to learn about the history of the area? Well a session with me will teach you everything to know about the Dargo High Plains, the mountain cattlemen of the high country and much more. Take advantage of your time to enjoy the history of the area and the wonderful past times enjoyed.
What is available off farm?
Number one, the pub with great counter meals is across the river, 5kms away. Lindenow Farmers Hotel is iconic in its design and history, the reputed Lindenow Long Paddock Cafe is also a few hundred metres from the pub, and the Post Office and Store have all your essentials. Need a few more things? Bairnsdale is 24kms away from the farm and offers all you need. Lakes Entrance is about 40 mins for a day out on the beach. Paynesville around 30 mins.
If you want to venture up into the mountains then why not go through Dargo just 45 mins and up onto Mt Hotham (Summer only) via the Dargo High Plains. It’s a great track and I will be happy to take you up for a guided tour and secret camp spots on my yearly run up there for my own relax time.
East Gippsland in general is a wonderful region to stop and relax during all seasons but especially summer with the water activities available, the camping in the high country, and the markets that abound the area.
How do I get to be on this great farm?
Well I am glad you asked! Just contact us through the website and give us some idea of who you really are, what you really want to achieve when you are here and how you feel you can give to the land and your own purpose. If it meets with what we need in someone or a couple that can support the farm as if it were their own while we are away then that’s awesome!, we can do this. We will ask that we do a video link for a further chat to see we connect, as we will need to ensure we can all work together too, I don’t just sit and mediate, fish and drink all day. LOL. I’m a farmer who wants to be out there working with you when I can, although happy for you to work alone too as we need.
If you can’t be there for the time period required most for the farm, that’s ok we are happy to accommodate you still and find you some little jobs to do as you explore the area in between. Just contact us with your preferred time period. We are open to taking in workers early 2023 but we do have a few wonderful souls on their way or here, plenty of room if you have your own accommodation. Our workers house is in the process of getting ready for those who need accommodation, hopefully by mid to late 2023.
Looking forward to meeting you and welcoming you onto our family farm of 123 years.