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Farm Hand/ general helper

Contra ( Bed & Meals for Labour)

Farm Hands / Labourer

Start Date: 19/10/21

Location :


We are needing help in many areas.

Exhausted from years of drought, floods, fighting the recent mouse plague and trying to catch up on the jobs that have been left behind.

There are many things to do and range from fencing, weeding, gardening etc. If there were a builder or tradesman available, the house stumps need levelling and repairing after flooding the insurance wouldn't cover and there has been some damage to the house caused by white ants.

After breaking my toe and in a moon boot I am limited on what I can do on the farm and in the house. I have a home nursery and also trying to keep my plants alive to sell. Any house work would be so welcome as our laundry etc is outside down the stairs. Even if someone just has a day or two would be great.

We are a long term farming family. Only 2 of us at home now. We live in a lovely area to visit and spend some time. Lovely shady area for a van etc. 15 min to Gatton Half an hour to Toowoomba. We have cattle and crops when we can plant and lots of birds and wildlife. Mountains and bush.

Love to hear from anyone interested and easy going.