Across rural Australia, there is always work to be done. So much so, that sometimes rural and remote Australians need a help. We also know that the Aussie spirit of mate ship means that there is always someone willing to lend a helping hand.

In 2015, we decided that we needed to find a way to match up these rural and remote Aussies with the people who wanted to help. So, we created the Farm Army.

The Farm Army is an online portal where farmers can post jobs which volunteers are able to browse and apply for. Think SEEK.com, but for rural volunteering.

The jobs listed are ever changing, and can range from farm sitting, to fruit picking, to qualified tradeswork.

Our volunteers come from all over the globe, and all walks of life. Qualified tradies, Grey Nomads, young people looking to get out in the bush.

If you are a farmer needing workers you can register a job here. If you are thinking about volunteering you can sign up to job alerts here, or browse current jobs here.