Second Post

26 Aug, 2015

Second Post

In late 2014, Buy a Bale teamed up with Frontier Services to run a Farm Rescue event at Lightning Ridge in NSW and Mitchell in QLD. Each trip provided volunteers with a unique experience by visiting some of the worst drought areas of Australia and providing help to struggling farmers. Skills such as plumbers, carpenters, mechanics, painters and fencers were put to very good use and provided real value for the property owners involved.

Aussie Farm Help  is expanding on this one off event and has developed this site to provide farmers and helpers with a single place to come together to help each other. Some jobs will be full time, some jobs will be one off’s, some jobs require a special skill set, other jobs just need a pair of hands and a willingness to help, some jobs come with accommodation offers, whilst others will require you to find your own place to lay your head. All jobs will come with a friendly smile, a chance to make new friends and a large sense of gratitude for a job well done and knowing that you have helped someone in need.

For farmers we aim to give you the opportunity to get some much needed help and access to skills that are not readily available in the bush. In some cases the skills may be available but due to the remoteness of the property it is not practical or cost effective to visit.

For helpers and job hunters we aim to give you the opportunity to travel to the rural areas of Australia, spend some time helping out and at the same time a chance to take in the breathtaking landscapes, tourist attractions, people, towns and wildlife that is Australia.

So why not get involved?


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