Handyman to build Chook Pen & Rebuild a Small Piggery

Joanne and Greg Cryer

Handyman to build Chook Pen & Rebuild a Small Piggery

  • Once Off
  • New South Wales
  • Posted 2 months ago


We are looking for someone to help us out as we are very time restricted due to running an old dairy 7 days a week, we spend around 7 hours a day just milking our cows and then need to look after pasture and move fences etc as well, in those few spare hours

We need someone to build a chook pen for us, to protect our babies from the foxes. It would be built using steel framing so someone who can weld would be an advantage but not necessary.

The old piggery needs some help too, it is built from timber and corrugated iron, some needs to be demolished and the back half needs some rebuilding.

We live at Hogarth Range, a lovely spot 30kms west of Casino in NSW.

We can provide accommodation in a caravan and some meals also, in return for your much needed and appreciated help.


  • Please provide as much information for the employer as to why you are suitable for the job, what skills do you have, when are you available etc. Also ensure you mention if you are travelling with other people or pets, what sort of vehicle you have, and if you have or may need accommodation.