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Farm Cleanup & House Repairs

Candace McInnerney

Farm Cleanup & House Repairs

  • Once Off
  • Queensland
  • Posted 1 month ago


We are a couple in our early 30s. We’ve just purchased our first property in January. We have 3 young kids. The man of the family has a contract business off farm to hopefully make payments for our first couple years as the property was extremely run down and Drought affected. We have a beautiful big, very old house that needs some love and a farm that needs cleaning up as the previous owners seem to have forgotten what a bin was.

The contracting off farm means there’s no handy man around the farm for several months of the year and the mum of the family could use a hand here and there.

We have a second self contained house with 3 bedrooms and air conditioning.

Tagged as: gardening, house repairs., outdoor/farm clean up

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